Entrepreneurship Conclave

Second Entrepreneurship Conclave (14 -15 Feb ,2020 )

Detailed Program (14/2/2020)

10:00 AM – 10:05 AM     

10:05 AM-10:15 AM         

10:15 AM-10:25 AM        

10:25 AM-10:40 AM         

10:40 AM – 10:45 AM    

10:45 AM – 1 PM    

01:00 PM - 2:00 PM         

02:00 – 04:00 PM             

4:00 – 05:00 PM               

Lightning of Lamp and Invites of dignitaries.

Introductory Note & Welcome speech

Talk by Prof. Neelima Gupta , VC –CSJM

Talk by Chief Guest

Announcement of the Innovation Challenge with Srijan Sanchaar

Panel Discussion

Lunch Break

Business Ideas presentation

Discussion and Result Declaration

Detailed Program (15/2/2020)​

 11:00 AM– 1:00 PM  

01:00 PM - 2:00 PM         

02:00 – 04:00 PM             

Session I of Srijan Sanchaar


Session II of "Power to India" Workshop by iBHubs

Innovation Challenges for Kanpur

Economic growth by generation of employment opportunities is imperative to improve socio-economic conditions of Kanpur. Encouraging an ecosystem of entrepreneurship has the potential to accelerate the growth of the region. New ways to encourage innovations, nurture and promote start ups are required to empower Startups to grow. 

Each day, tanneries pump out about 30 crore liters of polluted water into the adjacent Ganges river. The city’s water treatment unit, however, has a capacity of treating 17 crore litres per day. Kanpur also generates 400 tonnes of solid waste. 

We need solution to this problem.

Today women leaders are excelling across industries and job functions, addressing the most critical issues, through the lens of opportunity and breaking the stereotypes in their respective fields.

We invite women entrepreneurs to come up with their startups and also welcome innovations dedicated to women empowerment.

Between November 11 and 19, Kanpur’s Air Quality Index hovered above 300 and twice crossed 400. A level over 300 is considered very poor and 400, severe. Since October 4, Kanpur’s air has moved from poor to very poor to the severe category.

We look for solutions to this problem

In partnership with Srijan Sanchaar.

Participation Ticket

Rs. 500/- to attend the above program

Business Idea Presentation

Rs. 1000/- to register for your Pitch presentation